In 2018 Chaos Engine helped organise and run an art and installation event on Siloøen in Odense. Siloøen is a brutal and beautiful lot of functionality and architecture in Odense Harbour – a piece of land dominated by towering silos and industrial complexes.

Our contribution to the project was a skeletal version of a Great White Shark, 4 meters long and constructed from acrylic lamellas. On to this shark, we projected sinus curves of light in flowing and intricate patterns with a powerful laser projector to make the skeletal form assume dynamic life.


A political decision has been made to demolish this formidable piece of industrial and commercial harbour, so our event was to put focus on this part of the harbour and draw people to it with exciting installations and works of art.

In that setting we could communicate to the residents of Odense what a loss it would be to the city to destroy this defining piece of the harbour.

Watch A Short Video About The Shark

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