Infinity Dodecagon

In 2018 Chaos Engine were commissioned by Tinderbox, a music festival residing in Odense, Denmark. Taking place in a woodland clearing in the Tusindårsskoven forest, our vision was to create an enchanting art installation taking both the beautiful surroundings and the adventures festival guests into account.

Infinity Dodecagon

This led us to the idea of making a captivating cube on top of a cylinder formed pedestal covered with mirror slats, illuminating the entire Tuborg bar area by night and reflecting the surroundings by day.

The cube takes form of a twelve-sided dice (dodecagon) consisting of 12 regular pentagons, each measuring 110 x 5 cm. The installation of 2 way mirrors (spy mirrors) on the cube, made the audience able to see themselves and a reflection of the Tuborg bar area by day. While LED-sticks along the 30 edges of the cube, enlightening the area with its alluring and dynamic light show.

Each LED-stick uses 84 DMX- controlled RGB-LED-diodes. In total the cube is 270 cm tall and 320 cm at its widest spot. Indeed a light installation making a visit to the Tuborg bar area an adventure on its own.

Photo Credit Malene Nelting and Peter Kirkegaard

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